Listener Comments:

Songwriting feedback

 "Wow, this has musical panache, the entertaining musical elements draws the listener right in."  
- Great American Song Contest on the song ‘Homecoming’

Comments from listeners to internet radio station, Radio Airplay (Jango)

"Great tune! it reminds me of "The Cranberries" Keep up the good work!"
“Great song!! I'm a fan!! ”
“You're really great. Pretty rare, even. ”
“its awesome ”
“Love it keep on singing and making great music to listen to:) ”
“Inspiring, wow ”
“Very smooth sound. ”
“Sounds great, more please! ”
“Cool! Great beat, made me want to dance! Good luck and keep 'em coming! ”
“cool:) ”
“nice and relaxing ”
“Beautiful!!! ”
“Very catchy commercial sound ”

Other comments

"Jill is a wonderful singer and performer with some great original material. Highly recommended."
- Kevin Francis, Sydney

"Jill's smooth, versatile vocals were a great addition to our function, we look forward to hearing her again soon."
- Marek Pionka, Sydney