Music from the soul for living and exploring

Jill Riddiford (RollerBlue) is a Sydney based singer and songwriter. Jill has written poetry and stories from an early age but it has only been in recent years that she has combined this talent with her lifelong love of music into songwriting.

Describing her work as “Music from the soul for living and exploring”, travel experiences and chance conversations are the source of inspiration for many of her songs, and she writes across a range of genres.

Listeners of Jill’s music have often commented on the catchy melodies and beats. Descriptions have included: ‘melodic’, ‘feel good’, ‘rhythmic’ and ‘sophisticated’.

Jill released her debut album with ten original songs, Homecoming, in May 2011, followed by five singles and then her second album,The Summer Project, in November 2013.

11 of her tracks have reached the finals or have been shortlisted in international and Australian song competitions.

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